Mystery Misfits

Mystery Misfits

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Welcome to the misfits bundle! Here you'll find all of the chocolate that didn't quite pass the quality control test. These misfits may not be the prettiest, but they will still be super tasty - and at a discounted price!

Examples of why the chocolate may not have passed our test:

•chocolate bloom (the chocolate has excessive lighter patches caused by it being too hot/cold)

•broken into multiple pieces

•incorrect toppings

In your bundle you will receive chocolate products to the value of £19.50 or more, based on the ordinary full price of products. This could be made up of bars, slabs, or other chocolate shapes/products.

Please note by purchasing this product, you acknowledge that it is being sold as an imperfect item and cannot be refunded for this reason. Any chocolate products from our chocolate range can be included.

ALLERGENS: milk, soya, egg, cereals containing gluten, sulphites, nuts