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Kekolo Coffee is our coffee shop based in Bath - did we mention we are #1 in the city on TripAdvisor? Well, we are known city wide for our unbelievably creamy hot chocolates. The secret is using chocolatier quality Belgian chocolate. Our topped chocolate bars we sell here on Kekolo Treats are inspired by the decadent hot chocolates we sell in store!

Supreme, rich, and creamy Belgian chocolate topped with a variety of confectionery, to create an incredible chocolate experience.

Our topped chocolate bars come in 2 sizes based on the amount of chocolate used in the bar (not counting the toppings!!!!):
- "Personal" Sized (100g + toppings)

- "Meant for sharing but let's be honest, i'm going to try to finish it by myself" Sized (500g + considerably more toppings)

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